Russian Boeing supplier fires manager

The concern “VSMPO Avisma”, which provides titanium for the American aviation giant Boeing, has fired its head, Sergey Stepanov. The decision was agreed at the meeting of the board of directors on 31st December.

The press-release, presented by RBC, states that the reason for the dismissal was due to family concerns, as well as the wish of the head manager to spend more time with his family and newborn daughter.


Telecom operator investigates critical Putin comment

A telecom operator Enforta is looking into an insulting comment about Putin that had been up for 12 hours on the website of the Habarovsk region administration. The critical comment with the word PUTIN had been noticed on the background of a live coverage of a building site in Komsomolsk-na-Amure.


Blogger asks governor for internet whilst on a tree

Aleksei Dudoladov, a student from the small town of Stankevichi in the Omsk region has recently published a video on the platform TikTok, directed towards Aleksandr Burkov, the region’s governor, asking him to resolve the problem of connectivity. The student is seen sitting on top of a birch tree in a nearby forest.


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