Airport warns about restrictions of mass gatherings due to Navalny’s return

Vnukovo, an airport in Moscow where Navalny has said he is due to arrive on the 17th of January, has stated that people should be warned about mass protests due to coronavirus.

The mail asserts that the airport is following all of the guidelines from Rospotrebnadzor, particularly about restrictions of mass gatherings due to concerns of spreading coronavirus.

They have, however, stated, that a video of the passengers from Berlin will be provided.

Earlier, Navalny said that he will be returning to Russia on the 17th of January via a flight provided by the airline Pobeda, claiming that “he had never left, and arrived in Germany in a resuscitation box”. The Federal Penitentiary Service is pursuing a court case, accusing Navalny of the alleged damages to the company Yves Rocher in 2014, where he did not purchase products from the firm at higher prices. Yves Rocher have themselves denied the existence of any damage dealt by Navalny.

Russia is watching the government’s next actions with great care.

Image credit: Vitaly Belousov

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