Russia-Mongolia border experiences earthquake

According to seismologists at the Europe-Mediterranean seismological centre, the magnitude of the earthquake stood at 6.5 and the epicentre was located at the Khuvsgul lake, 277 kilometres from Angarsk, in the Irkutsk region.

The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Irkutsk has reported that the earthquake took place in Mongolia, whilst the inhabitants of Irkutsk experienced impulses of up to 4-5 points at 00:32:59 Moscow time.

The press services has also noted that no building was destructed and nobody felt victim to the event.

The seismologists reported that the epicentre had earthquakes of up to 8.7 points.

The last time an earthquake was recorded in Irkutsk had been on the 10th December, when the city went through a 5-6 point earthquake.

Image credit: Nico Becker

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