Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan come to terms over Karabakh

The meeting between the three states represented by Putin, Pashinyan and Aliev had taken place on 11th January. The three leaders had agreed to set up a new work group and build new railroads. However, Pashinyan, the prime minister of Armenia, had remained unsatisfied.

The work groups are due to be established for restoring and renovating the region, including certain plans for the development of the transport infrastructure, as well as the economy. Discussions about these plans should take place before 30th January.

Putin claims that the peace in the region can be maintained.

The president of Azerbaijan, Aliev, had also noted that a new railroad from Armenia to Azerbaijan, which will connect the two countries with Russia, is also in the works. The railroad will also connect the two states to Iran and Turkey. Aliev states that this will allow Armenia to open up new markets.

Nevertheless, Pashinyan remains unsatisfied. He asserts that the Karabakh conflict remains unregulated, and the representatives were unable to come to an agreement on a number of key issues, such as the future of war prisoners. Nonetheless, he says that this meeting contributed to the safety of the region in the months to come, and the prime minister is ready to continue the talks on the region.

Image credit: Press service of the Administration of the President of Russian Federation,

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