Washington introduces sanctions against Ukraine

The USA has announced that it is now placing blame on Ukraine for interfering in the presidential elections. The sanctions for the mingling have been introduced against 7 individuals and 4 informations resources.

According to the Department of the Treasury, the resources under scrutiny have been Era-Media, Only News, Nabuleaks and “Skeptik”, whilst the persons include Alexander Dubinski, Dmitry Kovalchuk, Konstantin Kulik, Alexander Onishenko, Anton Simonenko, Andrey Telizhenko and Petr Zhuravel.

These persons and media resources are allegedly cooperating with Russia alongside Andrey Derkach, a member of the Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukranian parliament), who has been accused by Washington in spreading false stories about American officials.

Earlier, Derkach publicised supposed phone calls between former president of Ukraine, Petr Poroshenko and Joe Biden, which, he said, uncovered the international corruption and treason of the former Ukranian president. Poroshenko himself claimed that the phone calls were fabricated.

The USA followed by imposing sanctions on Derkach and 3 Russian individuals, who were accused of cybercrime.

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of Vladimir Putin, commenting on the issue of Verkhovnaya Rada being a “Russian agent”, asserted that people should stop reading such nonsense in the newspapers.

Source: Ria.ru
Image credit: Pierre Blache

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