Telecom operator investigates critical Putin comment

A telecom operator Enforta is looking into an insulting comment about Putin that had been up for 12 hours on the website of the Habarovsk region administration. The critical comment with the word PUTIN had been noticed on the background of a live coverage of a building site in Komsomolsk-na-Amure.

Enforta claims that it is possible that the website was hacked.

“We heard about the incident from public resources. We provide internet – the video was organised by the client. What was up on his camera is something that the client who placed the camera should take care of”, the telecom agency claims.

The manager of the agency, Evgeniy Galeev, states that even if this was a hacking incident, it was not on part of Enforta. He added, that the company has checked the issue and mentioned it to the directors.

The administration of the region had signed a contract with the agency a few years ago. The contract allowed for the installation of cameras, their maintenance and and access to the internet.

The FSB, Federal Service of Safety, has refused to comment on the issue.

Earlier in March 2019, Putin has signed a law that would prohibit an insult towards the government. If an offensive comment is seen, the author would be asked to take it down, and if that doesn’t follow then a fine of up to 100000 roubles (1000 British pounds), or an administrative sentence of up to 15 days can be placed on the offender.


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