Russia “freezes” gas prices for Belarus

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has recently asked Kremlin for help, following a series of protests in August on a key question for Belarus – gas prices. Russia granted an exemption, setting a price of 128.5 dollars per thousand cubic metres.

Gazprom, leading gas firm in Russia, has agreed to the deal.

The increase in gas prices has only been 1.5 dollars from last year, according to the US dollar’s 1.2% inflation, as the statistics from November show.

The gas prices for Belarus will therefore be “frozen”, although Lukashenko himself still isn’t satisfied with the pricing and argues that it should be reduced.

Earlier in August, the president was granted a 1.5 billion dollar loan from Kremlin, as well as a de-facto cancellation of Belarus’ debts. Following a first instalment of 500 million dollars in October, received from the Eurasian Stability Fund, the finances were sent straight back to Russia as a repayment of Belarus’ debt, which Lukashenko did not admit the state possessed until August.

Image credit: Finanz

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