Pushkov: Trump bans a threat to Russian sovereignty

Senator Aleksey Pushkov has stated that Russia aims to “make conclusions” about Twitter’s ban of Donald Trump.

“It is clear how they {USA} will act in the circumstances of a political crisis, including outside of the USA. The quasi-total dependency from foreign internet platforms does not go hand in hand with the sovereignty of the country”, he said.

Earlier this week, major social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook banned Donald Trump on the accusations of inciting violence. The internet giants believe that his words about the falsifications of the votes have caused the rioters to storm the Capitol building.

Earlier in 2019, Gosduma passed a law about a “sovereign internet”, obliging telecommunications operators to install governmental instruments, as well as giving Roskomnadzor, the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, central control of Russian internet (Runet) as well as the power to restrict banned websites in Russia.

On December 23rd 2020, the Gosduma had also passed a law that would allow the government to restrict YouTube and Facebook because of the “censorship” of Russian media. This law also allows the government to place administrative fines on companies that are seen undertaking the action.

Although the laws are said to have been enacted for the security of the state, a number of critics claim that such laws will restrict the freedom of speech in Russia.

Source: Ria.ru
Image credit: Ramil Sitdikov

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