“Stalin Doner” opens in Moscow, people not impressed

Stanislav Voltman, the owner of “Stal’in Doner” has recently opened a doner restaurant in Moscow. The hospitality business offers “Stalin’s Shawerma” and the counter holds a banner stating “Stalin offers you to try this out”.

The locals had not been fond of the venue, and vowed to “fight against it”. They had stated that the title offends them, and some have even proclaimed plans to take the owner to court.

However, the opinions were mixed: some asserted that the name doesn’t bring any offence and is not an out of the ordinary act. Voltman himself claims that he did not attempt to sadden anyone with his business, and is himself neutral on the issue.

In modern-day Russia, views on Stalin are heavily mixed. Whilst in the West, people tend to agree on Stalin as an aggressor, a large proportion of Russians see him as a national hero, defeating Nazi Germany and bringing peace and progress to the USSR.

Source: Tvrain.ru
Image credit: Pixabay

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