Russia increases minimal living wage by 6 pence

The Russian prime minister, Mihail Mishustin, has announced that the Russian minimal living wage will be increased by 6 roubles (6 pence) a day, or 184 roubles a month in 2021.

The bold move by the government is declared as Russia experiences a 3.2% yearly inflation rate. The government claims that the minimal living wage is now being calculated not on a basis of grocery prices, but by looking at the country’s median income per capita.

The monthly minimal living wage will now be 11,633 roubles (116 British pounds), one for the work-able population will be 12,702 roubles, 11303 for the kids whilst the pensioners will be granted a grand total of 10022 roubles.

The government now sets minimal living wage on a yearly basis, following a recent change in laws.

Image credit: Artem Beliaikin

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