Pekka Haavisto: Russia poisoned Navalny

Finland’s foreign minister is amongst the latest to declare Russia guilty in the poisoning of Navalny.

Speaking to journalists from, Haavisto mentioned that Putin’s interview with the press made it clear that Russia was involved.

He added, that not only did Russia poison Navalny, but also broke international laws. He states, that such a poison as Novichok is illegal to possess or use, under the laws that Russia itself agreed to.

The EU is yet to determine its future policies with regards to cooperation with Russia. Since the Crimean Crisis, the relationship has been heated, to say the least – and the alleged poisoning doesn’t do much to resolve the issue.

Russian comments on the issue include a critical view of the government, stating that its actions constantly reduce Russia’s reputation on the world scene.

However, some oppose the allegation. They question how a banned poison can fail to kill a person, and argue that Navalny may have poisoned himself in order to get publicity.

Image credit: K8

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