Blogger asks governor for internet whilst on a tree

Aleksei Dudoladov, a student from the small town of Stankevichi in the Omsk region has recently published a video on the platform TikTok, directed towards Aleksandr Burkov, the region’s governor, asking him to resolve the problem of connectivity. The student is seen sitting on top of a birch tree in a nearby forest.

Following the move to distance learning, Dudoladov asserts that he cannot connect to his Zoom lessons. He states that his house has a 2G internet installed, but it doesn’t allow him to install the app. The student has therefore had to go to a local forest and climb a tree in order to take part in his lessons and upload videos to TikTok.

However, after contracting pneumonia due to the cold, the student has had to stay at home.

Aleksandr Burkov has taken notice of the video, and directed it to the “Podyom” journal. He claims that the issue is not only affecting Stankevichi, and even the town centre sees bad connectivity. The operators are not fulfilling their promises on improving the situation in the town, and the situation is unlikely to improve soon, he says.

Image credit: Pure Julia

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